Urahara Kisuke || Turn back the Pendelum

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    Yes my dear follower I am baaack /D

    Since a few weeks I already had to go to school and had not the time to upload some stuff, because I had no time to make some crazy shit as Roxy or someone else …but oh wait!!!! for all the Homestuck Fans, who wants to see some Roxy stuff: 2 weeks ago there was a Convention in Germany! Me as Roxy with a friend of mine as my awesome Jake. We made some pictures but at the time there is only one uploaded…soo maybe I´ll post it. It is super cool with Roxy and Jake an Wodka Mutini and Guns!!! pow pow! OMG I am so hyperactive at the moment…don´t no why LMAO!!! /D XDDD …god am I this kind of awkward? -YES! 

    Sooo but I want to show you something other!!!

    A Make-up test of: Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail!!!!

    OMG I love her so much!! And soon there will be a bookfair in Germany, where I wear it with my super awesome Gray-sama <33333

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Cosplay Gruvia

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    Cosplay Gruvia

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Coffee shop by ~Niaems
[Daddy wants to take a photograph.]

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    Coffee shop by ~Niaems

    [Daddy wants to take a photograph.]

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    Kid, you should chill out.

    it’s not rly summer until u shove ice cubes down ur friend’s shirts :’)

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    Never asks Masters to tell a joke

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    Soul Eater- Art Evolution: Death the Kid 

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    Soul Eater: Happy Father’s Day 

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